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Representation before
the conciliation board

How to act securely before the conciliation board as employee representative committee

When negotiations fail, the conciliation board meets. Either an agreement is found voluntarily or a “judgment” is passed: the conciliation board ruling. The result is binding and it is significantly influenced by the negotiation skills of the legal representative.

Why you should know the interests of the other party

To negotiate skillfully you should know the interests of the other party. If you know the interests of the other party you can make concessions and gain influence. Of course you also need to know your own interests and take them into account when developing your negotiation strategy. This gives you the basis for an objective and interest-orientated strategy. This is more effective than a personal debate. This is exactly the strength of our law firm. By specializing in labor law and the conscious decision to also represent employees, we know our opponents and their negotiation strategies very well. This gives us the decisive edge in any negotiation.

Choose your representation wisely

You should be prepared for the specifics of your conciliation procedure. The representatives of all involved parties, their legal counsels as well as the chairman, usually a judge from the labor court, meet before the conciliation board. Regardless of which party, it pays to have a representative with strong negotiation skills. That is why your representative should have experience, a factual strategy, knowledge of current labor law and be a skillful negotiator. Choose your representation before the conciliation board wisely to increase your chances for success dramatically. By focusing on only one area of law we are always up to date on all things pertaining labor law. 

It’s best when you know the chairman

The party that is first to suggest a chairman influences the negotiation – at least indirectly. For it is the chairman who directs the proceedings, and when it comes to disagreements, makes a call in favor of only one party. The opposite party does not have to agree with your proposed chairman but needs concrete reasons for a rejection. Therefore it can be beneficial to you to name the chairman. At this point we will help you select a chairman that is favorable to your case and might support your interests.

How to use the obligation to bear the costs in your favor

The costs for the entire procedure, including the costs of the legal counsels, are usually carried by the employer. Whether or not the costs for the legal counsel before or during the conciliation procedure are actually carried by the employer depends on the matter at hand. Whether or not the so called obligation to bear the costs applies, can be determined during an initial consultation. A clever negotiation strategy, in-depth legal knowledge: These are the ingredients that make an appearance before the conciliation board successful. Therefore choose our law firm as a partner with strong bargaining skills on your side. We will gladly be that partner and defend your interests and those of the entire workforce. Act securely as employee representative committee before the conciliation board? How to prepare optimally? 

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