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Eine Statur von Justitia in der Kanzlei Labisch

Representation before
the conciliation board

How to be successful as an employer before the conciliation board

When negotiations fail, the conciliation board meets. Either a voluntary agreement is reached or the board passes sentence, known as the conciliation board ruling. The sentencing is binding and it is significantly influenced by the negotiating skills of your representation before the conciliation board. You should choose your representation carefully.

Why you should be aware of the interests of the opposing party

In order to negotiate skillfully, you should thoroughly analyze the interests of the opposing party. Of course you should also exactly know your own interests. Both should be included in your negotiation strategy. If you are aware of the interests of the opposing party, you can offer lesser concessions and thereby gain influence. Furthermore an objective interest-based negotiation offers more profound results than heated and personal debating. This is a strong point of our law firm. Due to the many mandates in all areas of labor law, we are always aware of all sides of the argument and know our opponents from the inside out.

Use this advantage for yourself and your company and have one of our expert lawyers advise you.

Choose your representation wisely

Consider the particularities of the conciliation procedure. Only one or two representatives of each party meet in front of the conciliation board, the assessor, their legal advisor and the chairman (usually a judge of the labor law court). Both parties rely on a representative with strong bargaining ability. We have experience, bargaining ability, a clever strategy and knowledge of current labor law. We gladly accept your legal representation before the conciliation board.  

Why the chairman is important to you

A party can indirectly affect the negotiations by being the first to propose a person to be chairman. The opposing party does not have to agree with the proposition; however they will have to give reasonable grounds for refusal. It can therefore be favorable to propose a person as chairman. The chairman conducts the negotiations and passes sentence in favor of one party if there is discord. We will find a suitable chairman, who is most beneficial to the achievement of your goals.

How your legal counsel can save you money

The costs of the whole conciliation procedure, including the legal counsel, are usually absorbed by the employer. As employer, you profit from a fast resolution. In the choice of chairman you should keep in mind that low fees do not necessarily mean that the procedure will be cheaper. Thus, with a shrewd choice of chairman, as well as an experienced legal counsel, who due to his specialized knowledge can quickly become acquainted with the task, you can save money.

A conciliation procedure is an intense negotiation process that needs to be overcome. She who knows the particulars of the conciliation process will be successful. Therefore choose us as your strong bargaining partner. We will exhaust all actions to defend your interests.

Achieve a much better result before a conciliation board as an employer. How does that work? 

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