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As an employee representative committee; know your rights

The trusted cooperation between employer and works council is normalized by law – these rules serve to maintain the operational peace and are expected to create a productive atmosphere. Nevertheless conflicts can arise. For these cases the arbitration is conducted by a conciliation proceeding.

Why you should know about your rights

A judicial proceeding may do more harm than good. After all, the parties involved must work together again afterwards despite the disruptive process. So consider carefully whether or not to go to court. Yet always insist on your rights – for example, the co-determination and participation rights or the right to training for council members. Rights may also arise due to an operating agreement. Those who know their rights and have the assistance of good legal representation will be able to avoid going to court when things get serious. We will gladly advise you on all things related to your work as an employee representative committee and be a reliable partner. 

Why court costs are not your concern

What to do when the employer neglects his responsibilities? As employee representative committee you can demand their adherence. A complaint to the labor court can be an effective means of exerting pressure. Thus you can prevent the creation of a fait accompli (e.g. the lapse of a training appointment) by requesting a speedy trial. In such a case the labor courts rule in a decision-making procedure. The costs here are low, since the parties only bear their own expenses. It is important to know that these expenses can be claimed back from the employer by the employee representative committee. The employer is charged twice, the committee must not fear any costs.

Why it pays to have a specialized lawyer in the field of labor law

Note the limits to the obligation to bear the costs. This means: If you, as employee representative committee, can resolve an issue by yourself, but choose to hire a third party and costs arise, the employer may refuse to refund. That is why we clarify the facts during our initial consultation, if you choose us as legal counsel. A trip to a specialized labor law attorney is always worthwhile to consider your options.

Employee representative committees must, in general, always act in a strong legal demeanor, so as to protect the interests of their fellow employees. That is why legal protection is especially important.

You have further questions relating to the obligation to bear the costs? You need a competent specialized lawyer in the field of labor law?

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