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Kanzlei Labisch

As a highly specialized law firm for employment law, based in Frankfurt and Mainz, we are happy to assist you in representing and defending your rights.

According to the motto "Know your opponent in order to beat him" we represent companies, executives, employees and works councils alike. The premise of our work is to always provide our clients with up-to-date and targeted advice. In your interest we analyse strategies and options for action of the opposing party. This gives us a knowledge advantage, no matter who your opponent may be.

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06131 - 464 850 0

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We are a team of highly specialised lawyers and specialists in employment law - competent, committed and empathetic. Our firm has a total of 25 employees, including two trainees. With our many years of experience and our expertise in employment law, we guarantee you up-to-date legal advice that is suited to your needs.

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Do you have a question regarding employment law and are you looking for the right lawyer? Then please call us at

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Once you have contacted us, we will select the most suitable specialist lawyer for you from our team. As a law firm specialising in employment law, you can be sure of this: Every lawyer knows his or her area of expertise perfectly well and will represent you with legal certainty.

We look forward to your inquiry and will be happy to assist you in representing and defending your rights.


„What are long hours?“

This question was answered by Frank Labisch, Solicitor with Official Specialisation in Employment Law, in a 2018 episode of the broadcast.