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The law firm
for employees

The German labor law is very complex. When it comes to details in collective agreements, questions about cost of living allowance, holiday pay or about important information on basic salary or working hours during business trips: A specialized labor law lawyer knows the ropes. He stands by your side and will advise you competently.

The law firm for employees

As a law firm specialized in the field of labor law, we represent you before labor and civil courts and advise you on all labor law related questions- fair and knowledgeable. As one of the leading law firms for labor law in the Rhine- Main area, we advise employees and fight, for example, for the continuation of your employment or for a fair severance pay. With us you will not only make a sovereign appearance in court but also before your employer.

Do not hesitate – for speed counts

Often in labor law cases quick action is necessary. Thus, action must be taken against a dismissal within three weeks for example; otherwise all legal claims are lost. Via the menu you can find a presentation of labor law problems about which you can inform yourself. 

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06131 - 464 850 0

„After receiving notice following a long period of illness I found Mr. Labisch via the internet. I am very satisfied with the legal advice and the lawsuit against my former employer. Mr. Labisch advises very well and attends to the problem expertly. He can explain the connections very well, but also has an eye for the non-legal aspects of the case. In addition one has the feeling that there is nothing to worry about and that one is taken seriously. The appointments were given quickly and timely and the team is very friendly. The lawsuit against the employer was successful to such an extent that the notice was withdrawn. I thank you for the support; I can only recommend Mr. Labisch further.“ Dorothea S.

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