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Johannes-Nils Wassel

Johannes Nils Wassel

Johannes-Nils Wassel

Lawyer, Solicitor with Official Specialisation in Employment Law

Translating legal norms and all kinds of legalese into everyday German is one of the things that Johannes-Nils Wassel takes great pleasure in. As a lawyer with an official specialisation in employment law, he makes it his priority to give his clients comprehensive legal advice and, on top of that, to personally help his clients and ensure that they feel well accommodated and understand what is going on, which, in the world of law, can often involve some complex material.

Mr Wassel takes looking outside of the box very seriously. For instance, he acquired an additional qualification in pharmaceutical law and completed an undergraduate internship in Munich before he had even graduated from his studies at Philipps-Universität Marburg. This was followed up with a clerkship at the District Court of Frankfurt am Main for a defence attorney widely known across Germany. Finally, Jens Wassel has also worked on family law for his clients and pursued his passion through travel law before eventually coming to fully concentrate on employment law. 

The formal specialisation in employment law and language skills that he has acquired serve him well during negotiations both in court as well as in settlement discussions. Representing the interests of his clients enjoys Mr Wassel's top priority. He acquired these skills far back in his days as state spokesperson for legal clerks at the District Court of Frankfurt am Main and was already able to employ those skills profitably back then. Specialising in employment law and gaining the formal title to this effect enables Jens Wassel to wade more deeply into employment law material and in doing so apply his skills and knowledge in the area with a more focussed approach.

Mr Wassel is furthermore aware of and pays attention to the more emotional side the law can have. This characteristic is particularly relevant for employment law, as the field more often than not deals with the life and future of clients. Accordingly, Mr Wassel always has a friendly ear for his clients so that every case can be brought to the best possible conclusion.

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