Ute Spieß
Solicitor with Official Specialisation in Employment Law

Impressive experience and solution-oriented concept development – this is what Ms Spieß, attorney-at-law, stands for. With more than 20 years of professional experience, there is barely a case that Ute Spieß did not fight successfully for her clients.

Pragmatism coupled with sound legal skills are at the forefront of all of her work. Right from the beginning of her career, Ms Spieß has developed her strengths after a long period spent at a firm oriented towards commercial law, which is now of significant benefit for her clients in our firm for employment law. Her history has given her knowledge and skills that are useful at home and abroad and which she has adapted to employment law in a first-class manner.

Ute Spieß has acquired comprehensive knowledge of insurance law, which continues to be greatly beneficial for her clients. Her membership in the German Bar Association's working group for insurance law is testament to her great affinity for this area of law which is also closely related to employment law. Consequently, her clients invariably feel that they are in completely good hands on all matters relating to health, accident, pension or legal expense insurance, private or public.

The expertise she shares through her counsel extends to both employers as well as employees, both of whom will without doubt find a reliable and trustworthy adviser in Ute Spieß. No matter if it is drafting, reviewing or negotiating employment or termination agreements or acting as skilled and capable defence in the courtroom, clients can always rely on Ute Spieß, without exception!

Thanks to her many years of experience and her own personal conviction, Ute Spieß understands remarkably well how to resolve disputes so that she can reach the desired consensus between the parties involved, even if their interests are strongly opposing.

Whether it is a businessman, executive or employee: Ms Spieß is by her client's side and is passionate, engaged and prepared about it.

As a passionate skat player, she has a motto: "Anyone can win with good cards, but with bad cards it's strategy that matters."