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Johannes Roch

Johannes Roch

Johannes Roch

Partner, Lawyer, Solicitor with Official Specialisation in Employment Law

Are you looking for determination and negotiations that are conducted with targets in mind? Then you will be in the best of hands with Mr Johannes Roch.

Throughout his work, Mr Roch consistently makes it his priority to help people understand, both clients as well as the opposing party, so that continually impressive work can be achieved. For this reason you could say he was predestined to enter the field of employment law so as to let his empathetic strength become part of his profession.

Johannes Roch developed his interest in employment law as a speciality right from the beginning of his studies at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz. During his time at university, he was able to gain diverse experience through highly varied work in all manner of industries. Today this experience helps him better appreciate the matters his clients have and thereby attain optimal results for them.

Throughout his working life, Johannes Roch has been able to gain far-ranging expertise while counselling large companies, works councils and clients involved in highly diverse employee cases, which means that you will always be able to rely on competent advice no matter the issue you are facing. By focussing on your matter and putting in the hard yards, Mr Roch will advocate for you tirelessly – that's for certain!

Furthermore, Johannes Roch also possesses entrepreneurial knowledge and skills that round out his profile ideally. Beginning with his studies and progressing through to his clerkship in the court district of Wiesbaden, he carried out his own entrepreneurial undertakings and was also involved in founding a start-up.

Mr Roch's varied and proven skills result in him being an ideal for partner for you on any topic relating to employment law and its sub-disciplines.

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