Isabelle Fritsche
Legal Secretary
Clerk Reference

Ms Fritsche joined our firm in May 2018. After completing her examinations to become a clerk of the court ahead of time, she first gained employment at the Wiesbaden district court’s office. In 2002, she switched to trade union legal protection and spent a total of 17 years working in labour and social security law.

Thanks to her outstanding specialist knowledge and many years of professional experience in labour law, Ms Fritsche took on responsibility for all certificate and reference letter matters on joining our firm. Together with Ms Andrea Lindenblatt, a lawyer in our firm, she works on any issues you may have with certificates and reference letters conscientiously, determinedly and with an eye for detail. Her friendliness, empathy and impeccable demeanour always make her highly appreciated by clients with these sorts of cases.

Ms Fritsche would be happy to respond to you by email at should you have an enquiry.