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Frank Labisch

Frank Labisch

Managing Partner, Lawyer, Solicitor with Official Specialisation in Employment Law

Success through specialization; that is my motto. After successful completion of my studies at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz and my initial work in the legal profession, I quickly realized that I would only be able to develop my expertise and advise my clients as well as I myself would want to be advised by specializing in one field of law. Competent, unerring and assertive; for the consultation of business owners, general managers and management boards in the field of labor law this means that, as specialized labor law attorney, I have focused on those legal issues which have special relevance to your businesses. When it comes to due diligence in the field of labor law, for instance in an operational change, the transferred reorganization, drafting contracts, representation before the conciliation board or a balance of interests, I will advise you knowledgeably, comprehensive and independently.

With my expertise in labor law I support the collaborative encyclopedia Wikipedia by providing technical contributions and as an expert in the field of labor law. Additionally, many radio stations have relied on expert interviews with me, in the field of labor law, to provide a legally sound point of view for their programs.

First it must be noted that you will be received in a very hospitable and polite manner. The spacious baroque offices create a very positive atmosphere for talks and difficult discussions. The reason I required consultation were the financial demands of an employee after termination. Mr. Labisch inquired about the circumstances of the case very precisely in order to get an accurate picture. After analysis and legal assessment he presented us with various solutions. In court he was very well prepared and represented us very competently. Ultimately, Mr. Labisch achieved the most economical result possible for us, which also ended the legal dispute. We consider the fact that we hardly had to do anything a significant advantage and now that the matter is resolved we can now focus solely on our core business. This has saved us time, energy and money.

Herbert Egner, MediManAge

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