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Florian Hock

Florian Hock

Florian Hock


Competence through specialisation, confidence through understanding. Mr Hock's clients profit from his many years of intensive work with jurisprudence in the area of employment law.

Florian Hock acquired a nuanced perspective of the entire field of employment law as part of his education at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, where his specialisations included German and European employment law. Mr Hock passed his specialisation examination with distinction in 2014.

During his subsequent clerkship in the higher regional court district of Koblenz, Mr Hock broadened his knowledge in individual and collective employment law as part of an elective in employment law. At the same time, he assisted his head of discipline Prof. Hergenröder (University of Mainz, Professor for Civil and Employment Law amongst others) as a marking assistant for examinations in the ‘German and European Employment Law’ specialisation.

From 2011 to 2017 Mr Hock also oversaw comprehensive databases for jurisprudence in employment law: www.arbeitsrecht-rheinland-pfalz.de and www.arbeitsrecht-hessen.de. In his work for these databases, Mr Hock performed duties including editing more than 1,000 court judgements and contributing them for publication.

When advising on the commercially and emotionally sensitive matters of working life, Mr Hock, attorney-at-law, places great emphasis on trusting relationships and great expertise.

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