Dominique Krämer
Legal Secretary
Office and Personnel Manager
Adviser for Legal Fees and Costs

Ms Krämer successfully completed her course of training to become a legal secretary in 2009 at a renowned law firm in Mainz. Since then she has been able to expand and consolidate her professional experience with duties at a collection agency and a widely-known law firm.

Ms Krämer has always had a distinct sense of justice ever since she was in school, and she soon realised that she would like to use this sense in her later career. Training to become a legal secretary was therefore her first choice.

She has been assisting our team since 1 February 2016. Thanks to her keen mind and agility, she had also become deputy office manager and supervisor of our trainees by the end of 2016. On 1 December 2017 she assumed the role of Office and Personnel Manager at our firm. Ms Krämer's strengths include organisation, putting structure into processes and acting with precision, which, combined with her focus on targets and her resilience, are highly valuable in her consistently successful performance of her duties.

Ms Krämer continues to be your special point of contact if you have questions regarding foreclosure or execution writs, or if you have issues concerning legal fees.

You can reach Ms Krämer at the following email address: