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Christoph Klein

Christoph Klein

Partner, Certified Tax Consultant, Commercial Director

‘Experience isn't about the things you encounter, it's about what you learn from them’, is Christoph Klein 's motto. His CV alone shows just how broad his field of competence is: at 27 years of age, he had already been appointed as an accountant at one of the Big Four firms, whereupon he switched to the finance industry to take on tax-related duties before picking up commercial responsibility with more of a legal focus in multiple leadership positions in banking, leasing and factoring

In these roles he tackled the consequences of the financial crisis with his receivables management team. Later he had a key stake in the restructuring of his employer by leading the integration of a subsidiary company into the group. Recently he was responsible for putting together a complex wind-down portfolio, which was an outstanding success.

Typical for the finance industry, Mr Klein has had a significant amount of contact with people in risk management and has cooperated in many projects as a professional partner. Last but not least, his postgraduate qualification as a rating adviser has made him a sought-after project participant.

With his 20 years of professional experience, Mr Klein was a natural choice to act as Commercial Director and Firm Manager for us. His calm enthusiasm and analytical approach mean that he is also valuable help in the sometimes messy situations our clients find themselves in.

One of his areas of interest is dealing with company crises, which he has already experienced from many different perspectives. He has, for instance, overseen M&A processes at companies in crisis, drawn up turnaround financing arrangements as a creditor and, as part of a small team acting on behalf of an employer, implemented substantial staff cutbacks, including a reconciliation of interests, a social compensation plan and voluntary redundancies.

When advising, Mr Klein shines with his exceptional client focus and understands how to meet the client in their current situation and find a joint solution that, in addition to objectively meeting requirements, also suits the client.

We are already looking forward to his requalification as an accountant, which will hopefully be soon and open up a range of opportunities to expand the services we offer our clients even further.

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