Anna-Lena Görtler - Rechtsanwältin

Anna-Lena Görtler

Ms Anna-Lena Görtler pursues her profession as a labour lawyer with great passion. Preparing various possible solutions for the client and realising them in the best possible way with her silver tongue and legal finesse is what practising law is all about for Ms Görtler.

Her particular focus throughout this is on the client’s interests and goals. Using them as a basis, Ms Görtler likes to work out the different possible solutions and explain them in a clear and understandable way. After developing and discussing the solution that makes most sense strategically, Ms Görtler then implements it for you with motivation and commitment.

In addition to drafting comprehensive legal opinions, works agreements, out-of-court pleadings as well as complaints and statements, Ms Görtler always stands up for your rights in court with the necessary enthusiasm and without losing sight of the heart of the matter – the client’s case. Anna-Lena Görtler works in both individual and collective labour law.

After completing her law studies at Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Ms Görtler undertook a legal clerkship for the judicial district of Wiesbaden. It was here that her interest in labour law was awakened. What’s more, Ms Görtler also has basic knowledge of business administration. She also considers further training to be an extremely important part of her professional development and, accordingly, is always working on optimising her skills based on the latest labour case law. As a result, she works in a focused and highly qualified manner, which benefits you, her client, in every possible respect.