Andrea Lindenblatt

Andrea Lindenblatt knew her career passion was in employment law right from the beginning of her studies at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz.

She worked in a leadership role at a medium-sized enterprise for many years. Now you can benefit from her experience. Andrea Lindenblatt can advise and represent you for staff changes and company restructuring, and when negotiating works and termination agreements.

Do you need help for something related to a termination of employment, any kind of contract change or a reference letter from your employer? Andrea Lindenblatt, thanks to her empathetic manner, will take your case on as if it were her own and represent you with commitment, patience and persistence.

Ms Lindenblatt's style is characterised by strategic skill combined with pragmatism. She is highly service-oriented while at the same time understanding of how people work, which is always helpful.

Andrea Lindenblatt has been an authorised lawyer since 2001. She intends to complete her next professional qualification to become a specialist in employment law over the coming year.